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New Atlantis Report (english): Wissenschaftliches zur Sexualität

New Atlantis Report Zusammenfassung über Wissenschaftliches zur Sexualität Eine Zusammenfassung über wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse aus den Bereichen der Psychologie, der Biologie und der Sozialwissenschaften bietet der New Atlantis Report Sexuality and Gender Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences Es geht um gesundheitliche Themen, die von Transsexuellen und Personen aus […]

Gender-Diskurs - Header - Wissenschaft

Gender-Diskurs - Header - Wissenschaft

Articles: The ‘Adam’ of Chimpanzees and the Great-ape Y Chromosome

Two articles about the ‘Adam’ of the chimpanzees and the y-chromosome of great apes Redorbit: The ‘Adam’ of chimpanzees lived 1,000,000 years ago, study says Researchers have found a chimpanzee likely descended from a common male ancestor that lived around 1 million years ago, according to a new report published […]

“Global differences between women and men in the prevalence of obesity”

An article by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Global differences between women and men in the prevalence of obesity: is there an association with gender inequality? Background/objectives: In most populations the prevalence of obesity is greater in women than in men; however, the magnitude of the difference between the sexes […]